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QTEK 9000 Smart Phone – A Critical Experience Report

As an owner of the Windows Mobile 5.0 Smart Phone QTEK 9000, you will definitely live on the bleeding edge of portable communications technology. Here is my personal opinion after nine months of use: Why I think that it is a great device on one hand and why I would not recommend it to all consumers.

Edit: Thanks a lot for the emails from readers who sent in different brand names for the QTEK 9000. The device seems to be available from different mobile carriers under these names: Dopod 900, E-Plus PDA IV, Grundig GR980, HTC Universal, i-mate JASJAR, T-Mobile MDA Pro, O2 XDA4, O2 Xda Exec, Orange SPV M5000, Vodafone v1640, Vodafone VPA IV.

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The Quest for Understanding

During some idle time in the office the other day, I talked to my colleagues about Web 2.0 tools and technologies. Some of us have syndicated blogs and use Flickr, so RSS and other easy stuff were pretty much understood by us. Then the talk came to and we all drew a blank. Most of us had taken a look at the site and all had seen it mentioned at some place or other, but none had any idea what the point was about sharing your links online. We use link services like Sync2It or linkaGoGo which allow us to synchronize, access and share our bookmarks across computers, operating systems and browsers, so what good was it to store the bookmarks more or less unorganized in some server system, instead? When I went home that night, I decided to to pursue The Quest for Understanding

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